Forever Uncrowned King

New York’s own DJ Bedtyme357, born IN yONKERS and raised in
Mount Vernon NY, is aN internationally known
celebrity deejay who many industry insiders refer to as “DJ to the Stars”.
In 2015, Bedtyme filmed several scenes for VH1’s
Love & Hip Hop New York. However, long before
his appearance on television, Bedtyme began
touring in Europe aS legendary rap artist CL
Smooth'S TOUR DJ, performing at high profile events for iconic Hip Hop station HOT 97, spinning live on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Shade 45 and was named
the official tour Deejay for Grammy Award
nominated recording artist Remy Ma. These
accomplishments (to name a few) have all
contributed to making DJ Bedtyme357 a staple within the Hip Hop community.
Over the years, Bedtyme has earned a reputation
amongst industry heavyweights as one of the
most influential Deejay’s for Urban music in the new media era. “I remember when Bedtyme
interviewed KRSONE online back when DJ’s
weren’t really into having online radio shows” says Black Girls Rock award recipient DJ Cocoa Chanelle “he was definitely ahead of the game” she continues.
As a consistent force in music and the online world, DJ Bedtyme357 has become widely known by many for his role in bringing awareness to undiscovered music and breaking new artist through his online
radio show “Hate Money Radio” and mixtapes.
Driven to be more than just an entertainer, Bedtyme is a businessman who has acquired both national
and international sponsorship deals from clothing line Stall and Dean and THE German based alcohol brand Jagermeister .




Join DJBEDTYME357 as he spends his weekend preparing then performing in St. Louis, Missouri and New Jersey for Summer Jam 2018


Positivity And Unity Now



It all started as an idea…

Growing up being fed the ideology that I would become a statistic due to where I grew up or how I was raised, never sat well with me. Using that as positive reinforcement, I was able to graduate high school, college, become a military Veteran and obtain a career that helps maintain the lifestyle I chose to live....all without the guidance or care of my parents. Those accomplishments enabled me to create the community based organization "P.A.U.N", which stands for Positivity And Unity Now. Both watching from a distance and firsthand of how troubled not only my community is, but others, it inspired me to extend my hand and resources, block by block in an attempt to extend whatever positivity that may already exist.